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Pet Medical Assistance

Smokey’s Fund was started years ago when South Shore Humane Society was contacted by a man begging for help for his injured dog.  His dog had been hit by a car, and he had been turned away at several nearby veterinary hospitals because he did not have the funds to pay for the dog’s care.  South Shore Humane arranged for him to bring his dog to a local veterinary hospital.  Sadly, Smokey did not survive. 

In his memory, the Smokey’s Fund was established to assist pet owners with emergency pet medical assistance.  Smokey’s Fund is intended for unexpected veterinary care.  Pet owners are asked to pay as much as they can towards their pet’s care and to apply for Care Credit.  Typically, grants from South Shore Humane, for veterinary care, range from $50 – $200.  The owner is then responsible for the remaining balance.  Grant payments are made directly to the veterinary practice but we are unable to reimburse for bills that have already been paid.

If you need help please call (781)843-5838 and leave a message.  Since we are a group of volunteers, we strive to return calls within 24 hours, if you don’t hear back from us, please be patient, we will get back to you.  South Shore Humane Society is there to help, but ultimately it is your responsibility to provide veterinary care to your pet when they need it. 

You can get affordable vaccinations at clinics offered at various retail stores.

Additional Resources for Pet Medical Assistance

Standish Humane Society (781) 834-4663 Has the Planet Subaru Home Forever Fund.  Standish knows that people do not want to give up their pets because of a [temporary] financial inability to feed, medicate or provide veterinary care.  And that their animals are better off remaining in their current “forever homes” than being abandoned or surrendered to a shelter.

Scituate Animal Shelter (781) 544-4533 Has the Mary Hooper Elder Care Program which provides assistance to senior individuals or households so they may keep and properly care for their beloved companion animals in emergency situations.  The program provides emergency assistance with pet food when needed and may be able to assist with medical needs of pets when possible.

MSPCA Angell Medical Center has a fund for pet medical assistance but ONLY if the pet is being treated at Angel – contact their financial aid office at (617) 522-7282.

The Sampson Fund for Veterinary Care (508) 240-7387 Limited to participating veterinary hospitals on Cape Cod.

The Shadow Fund (508) 681-0800 The Shadow Fund provides limited financial assistance to pets principally residing in the Merrimack Valley, but it is not limited to the Merrimack Valley.  The Shadow Fund generally provides benefits to pets for the purpose of emergency medical care or life threatening disease, unless otherwise approved by the Director.  The Shadow Fund cannot be used for routine medical care (annual check-ups, vaccinations, or dental care) unless it is an emergency and approved by the Director.

Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (978) 462-076 They have two funds for medical assistance for cats – Feline Assistance, Resources, & Support (FARS) program for owned cats and the Captain Courageous Fund (CFF) for stray & feral cats.

Fairy Dog Parents (781) 264-1081 DOGS only.  They provide assistance with food, medical and general wellness needs of qualified dog recipients in Massachusetts.

Merwin Memorial Free Clinic For Animals in Boston, MA (617) 782-5420 Per their website, they have a suggested minimum donation of $20. Please note that the clinic does not accept appointments. Visitors are helped on a first-come, first-served basis.  Check their website for hours.  They offer some free services and reduced prices on medicines to treat sick pets and preventative medicines (heartworm, vaccines, etc.)

Pet Partners, in Fall River (508) 672-4813 Low cost S/N, affordable vet clinic.

Animal Advocates, Inc. in North Dartmouth (508) 991-7727 Low cost spay/neuter, Healthcare & Vaccination Assistance Program.

Second Chance Animal Shelter (508) 637-1333 Offers low cost spay/neuter, pet wellness clinics in Springfield and North Brookfield MA – also does affordable dentals!

Phinney’s Friends based out of Lincoln, MA (617) 979-8705 Offers pet medical assistance.

Paws4aCure based out of Wakefield MA – Their primary focus is to assist owners who cannot afford veterinary care for their dog or cat.

Additional Ways To Save On Care

CareCreditlow interest credit card/finance company for vet bills.  Read all the terms.

Walgreens Pet Prescription Clubsavings on pet meds – also check pet med prices at Walmart.

Chewy.comgreat prices on prescription pet food as well as regular pet food.  You also get additional discounts if you sign up for autoship with them.

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